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Radautean soup

Radautean soup

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The claims of her husband, who wanted chicken-flavored belly soup, brought him the fame of Cornelia Dumitrescu, a simple cook. Near the end of the 1970s, a new assortment of soups appeared on the recipe of the Nor Restaurant in Rădăuți, a local with a whip at the time: soup from Rădăuți. In the 30 years since its invention, until 1990, chicken soup with great taste has managed to capture restaurants across the country. Moreover, it has entered the foreign market, in the menu of Romanian restaurants abroad. Suceava's Cornelia Dumitrescu, made thanks to the soup from Radauti, the first step towards celebrity, becoming a great master in culinary art. Initially, turkey meat was used for the soup, but because it was too expensive, it was replaced with chicken. The ingredients are available to anyone, but the secret lies in how they combine. Radauti soup is very popular even today, in many cases being more successful than the famous belly soup. The regret of the master chef is the fact that he cannot homologate the recipe because the name is closely related to the name of the city that gives it its name, Rădăuți. He ran into the same problem as those from Sibiu, wanting to homologate the unmistakable salami from Sibiu.

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