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Best Summer Camp Food Legends

Best Summer Camp Food Legends

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From creepy to funny, summer camp has some great legends

Gather around the campfire for these crazy tales.

Summer camp is usually a great memory from our childhoods. We got to be silly and adventurous while enjoying nature. Even though the camp food was sometimes questionable, we still always had fun .

One of the best parts was the stories we told each other around the campfire. While we roasted s’mores, we heard some pretty impressive tales. From scary to hilarious, these summer camp food legends remind us about everything that was great about going to camp.

Milk Bottles

This one is a creepy classic that takes place during the Great Depression.,The legends goes that a shop owner allowed a poor woman to have two milk bottles every day, until he eventually offers her a job to help her out. She runs away, and he follows her to a graveyard. Much to his surprise, she sinks into the ground at one of the graves and the shop owner hears the cry of a baby coming from a grave. He gets the police to dig up the coffin and in it there is the corpse of a woman, two filled milk bottles, and a living baby. Pretty spooky, right? Read the fully story here.

The “Timbuktuian” Jelly Bean Bird

This legend is interactive for the campers’ pleasure. The counselors need to discreetly drop some jelly beans throughout the story, and for maximum effect, they should scatter some brightly covered feathers. The story goes like this: every year a large, neon bird flies to the camp from Timbuktu. She comes to lay her beans, which she digs holes for with her big orange beak. The bird is very shy, but if campers ever come across one, they have to show respect by putting their hands on their forehead and bowing. This interactive story had campers searching for the bird for weeks. Read the fully story here.

A Porker in the Family

The story is about a veterinarian who visits MacPherson’s farm. During their visit, they notice a pig with three artificial legs walking around. When they ask about the pig, the farmer says that the pig has, on multiple occasions, saved family member’s lives. The vet still doesn’t understand why the pig has three artificial legs so he asks again. The farmer replies that a pig was too good to eat all at once. Read the full story here.


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