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5 Perfect Ingredients for a Unique Wedding Bouquet

5 Perfect Ingredients for a Unique Wedding Bouquet

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If you’re interested in how you can create some avante garde details in your nature-inspired wedding then take a look at these distinctive bouquet ideas. Unusual flowers, like protea, and unexpected ingredients such as organic cotton, naturally shed feathers, local fruit, or vegetables can make for a stunning arrangement like no other. In fact, you may opt to forgo flowers altogether!

Your options are endless. Check out these inspiring bouquets I’ve rounded up for you, and find even more wedding flower inspiration in the Sweet Violet Bride flower gallery.

Fruits and Vegetables: Adding berries, small citrus, apples, or pomegranates adds a special dash of something sweet to your bouquet, while the list of garden greens pretty enough for bouquets is endless. Try kale for a green ruffled effect, sage for something soft, mint for a fresh aroma, colorful radishes, or mini artichokes for a veggie bouquet that will leave a lasting impression.

Cotton: Cotton definitely isn’t the first thing you might think about when imagining your bouquet or centerpieces, but it sure will give your wedding a unique rustic style.

Protea: These are some of the most stunning flowers. Their unique shape makes for bouquets and centerpieces that you and your guests will never forget. They also make for a surprisingly easy DIY bouquet, using a single protea surrounded by simple leaves.

Feathers: few eye-catching feathers such as large quill feathers, can create a rustic and wild look, whereas fluffy feathers will create a soft, elegant appearance.

Succulents: Succulents are an unexpected and beautiful alternative to traditional flowers for your wedding. They’re known for their thick and fleshy leaves and their ability to retain water in arid climates. They make great earthy wedding favors as they travel well compared to say, potted herbs.

Find more flower and bouquet ideas and inspiration in our Wedding Shop!

Buttercream Icing Recipe Guide

Note: The less liquid in the cake icing recipe mixture, the less chance of the buttercream decoration collapsing. The thickness of the butter frosting helps hold it's shape. It's impossible to say which are the best buttercream icing or buttercream frosting recipes. Each one has the perfect ingredients combination suitable for the different cake icing or cake frosting requirements.

Buttercream cake icing recipes can vary in ingredients, each having a sightly different consistancy and texture, it can be silky, creamy or even fluffy. This is due to the varying quantities and ratios of ingredients used in the buttercream frosting recipe. These recipes vary in the type of sugar (coarse, fine or syrup), if there is any shortening, the amount of butter and whether the egg whites are warmed or not.

Firstly the different Types of Buttercream Icing & Buttercream Frosting

1. Meringue Based Buttercream

• Italian Buttercream: A cooked meringue made with a hot sugar syrup.

• Swiss Meringue: A meringue made from whites and sugar warmed together over a bain marie. This dissolves the sugar.

2. Yolk Based Buttercream

• Pâte á bombe: Sometimes referred to as a French buttercream. A buttercream here is made with yolks and hot sugar syrup.

3. Butter Based Buttercream

• Here you will find basic recipes ranging from only butter and powdered sugar to the incorporation of other ingredients such as cream cheese, melted chocolate, cream or non-fat milk powder. Sometimes shortening or an emulsified shortening is added for stability.

4. Shortening Base Buttercream

• Sometimes referred to as Decorator's Icing or Decorator's Buttercream. While this buttercream can be used for icing a cake, it is used mainly for decorations like roses and for piping borders and edging. Shortening has a much higher melting point making it suitable for those decorations needing a firmer look or handling. Since shortening does have a higher melting point, it will not have the same mouth feel as the above buttercreams, and can be very waxy to eat. If used for icing rather than strictly for decorating, butter and/or a liquid will be added for better mouth feel and flavour.

Below are 9 Buttercream Recipes

Below you'll find a perfect buttercream icing recipe to suit your needs and requirements. Each recipe is different and has specific uses.

Whether it's for icing a wedding cake, frosting cupcakes or for wedding cake decorating like piping buttercream borders, edging and or for making buttercream flowers. Each icing recipes, yeald slightly different results. The textures range from silky, creamy or fluffy.

For an easy to follow step by step buttercream, check out this video tutorial, a traditional vanilla buttercream frosting recipe to get you started . Or have a look at the different buttercreams below. Which cake frosting recipes and cake icing recipes are best for your special cake icing needs? Just scroll down or click on each link.

45 Strikingly Beautiful Fall Wedding Flowers and Bouquets

From golden ranunculus to burnished foliage, our favorite floral designers inspire us with their standout arrangements.

While summer weddings are bright and beautiful, the autumn season is when you can really go for a dramatic and moody palette. Fall wedding flowers and centerpieces are created from a rich mix of gorgeous foliage and and deep seasonal shades. Think berry tones, oxblood, and rust. And the hearty autumnal textures create an earthy feel. If your aesthetic ranges from romantic and elegant to bold and modern, here are 45 fall wedding flower ideas to inspire the most beautiful day ever.

&ldquoThis bouquet was from a late-September wedding, just as summer turned to fall in Los Angeles,&rdquo says Sammy Go, founder and artistic director of Lambert Floral Studio. &ldquoI wanted to color-block the plum foliage and mauve roses with creamy white flowers and textures.&rdquo

&ldquoThe dusty, sunset hues of the Distant Drums garden rose and Isoplexis Foxglove are paired here with locally foraged grasses,&rdquo says floral designer Jenn Sanchez. &ldquoThe peachy cottage yarrow works as a transitionary color to the former blooms, all together a summary of local fall floral offerings in Southern California.&rdquo

&ldquoMaiden hair ferns are very airy and always magical,&rdquo says Doan Ly, founder of a.p. bio designs. &ldquoWhen paired with lush peonies and garden roses, they offer a nice balance between organic and refined. The black and white palette always evokes sophistication, but the ferns give it movement and life.&rdquo

&ldquoSeasonal flowers like zinnias, garden roses, and dahlias in shades of pink&mdashfrom deep burgundy to the palest blush&mdashgive this bouquet an almost ombre effect,&rdquo says Catherine Dash, founder of Shallowford Flower Co. &ldquoI arranged it loosely, for an unfussy, just-gathered-from-the-garden feel.&rdquo

&ldquoThese golden 'Cafe Ranunculus' start with striped red outer petals and open to reveal the most surreal rust hue against velvety black stamens,&rdquo says Sanchez. &ldquoBrown and muddy toned flowers feel essential to any fall palette.&rdquo

&ldquoLocally grown garden roses in a romantic color story paired well with pillowy smoke bush plumes,&rdquo says Go. &ldquoThe bold bouquet is inspired by the bride's contemporary spin on a traditional Korean hanbok.&rdquo

&ldquoThis October bride loves orange,&rdquo says Go. &ldquoWe used marigolds with other burnished foliage to create a sophisticated autumn palette.&rdquo

&ldquoI love how the muted, dusty-toned focal flowers&mdashgarden roses, dahlias and hydrangeas&mdashpop against dark Ninebark foliage in this loose, asymmetrical centerpiece. It's romantic and moody,&rdquo says Dash.

&ldquoI call this bouquet the romantic secret garden,&rdquo says Ly. &ldquoThe long vines give it an overgrown feel while the lush blooms bring the love.&rdquo

&ldquoDuring a season that is both bright and brown, this arrangement toes the line between those two worlds in a fun way,&rdquo says Dash. &ldquoIt includes a mixture of vibrant hued flowers&mdashpin-cushion protea, ranunculus, spray roses&mdashas well burnt oranges leaves, for an effect that's festively fall.&rdquo

&ldquoI always love the pairing of black (candles, vases, etc) with flowers,&rdquo says Sanchez. &ldquoThe masculinity it provides against the endless ruffles of peonies, garden roses, dahlias, is such a timeless juxtaposition. Here we went for an elevated black and red palette, softened by fall foliage and brown tones.&rdquo

&ldquoRed-and-pink might seem like a tricky palette for a fall wedding, but mix in deep, oxblood tones and a neutral (like, these cappuccino roses tinged with red) and you'll steer clear of Valentine's Day-esque territory,&rdquo says Dash.

Perfect as a centerpiece or as a bouquet, this flower arrangement makes the case for coral tones in fall. Dried grasses, lunaria, carnations, and brown lisianthus explode from the vase of this striking arrangement.

This velvety, layered, hand-tied bouquet features dahlias, lisianthus, zinnias, veronica, and roses, all of which are weaved with cascading maidenhair ferns and pops of raspberry foliage.

An explosion of textural elements make this bohemian fall wedding bouquet truly come to life. Broom corn, rose hips, and amaranth make for a pared-down bouquet that is completely unique.

This orangey bouquet proves that one color is all you need to create a dynamic and elegant bouquet. An assortment of flowers, including ranunculus, helios garden roses, cymbidium orchids, anemones, broom corn, wheat, seeded eucalyptus, roses, amaranth, and Italian Ruscus is texturally rich yet totally refined.

Romantically moody and undeniably luxe, this burgundy bouquet is comprised of black calla lilies, roses, blushing bride protea, riceflower, ivory spray roses, and white snowberry.

Greenery takes center stage in this earthy autumn bouquet, with eucalyptus, clematis vine, pampas grass, and more, paired with small accents of dahlias and ranunculus.

Inspired by the changing of the seasons, this warm bouquet is weaved with dahlias, celosia, chocolate cosmos, and scabiosa.

Brown roses, blushy white ranunculus, and yellow tulips unite for a fall wedding bouquet that feels equal parts autumnal and fresh.

A gorgeous bouquet of roses, wax flowers, and eucalyptus come together for a deep, romantic vibe at this woodsy wedding.

King Protea and eucalyptus unite in this organic, muted-toned bouquet, which complemented a rustic-themed wedding in a Colorado cabin.

The warm fall colors for this tropical-inspired bouquet celebrate romance with an appropriate palette, which includes dried palm leaves, orchids, ranunculus, dahlias, and anthuriums.

This wedding's palette of dusty rose, taupe, and caramel was fully embraced through these feminine, autumnal bouquets.

Modern black tie meets bohemian rustic with these uniquely formal bouquets, comprised of gold-colored roses, fall leaves, and burnt orange ribbon.

Make each guest feel special with a personalized mug or glass that can be used over and over again. Fill it with edible favors like special hot chocolate mix, coffee beans or a simple snack that can be enjoyed on the way home.

Keep family and friends fueled well into the after-party with an edible midnight snack. We love the breakfast trend sweeping weddings, and really, who can resist a warm cinnamon doughnut wrapped in a cute custom napkin? Set up a station near the dance floor or ask waiters to serve guests on their way back to the hotel (because it's never too early for breakfast).

Wedding Cocktails with Tequila

Altos Sparkling Paloma

credit: altos plata

• 2 Parts Altos Plata
• ½ Part Agave Syrup
• ½ Part Lemon or Lime Juice
• Craft Grapefruit Soda
• Pinch of Salt

How to mix: Rim highball glass with salt. Pour ingredients in glass. Stir to dissolve syrup. Add ice and top with soda.

Wedding cake recipes

Create a stunning wedding cake or beautiful cupcakes for that special day.

Lemon & elderflower celebration cake

Decorate this simple elderflower and lemon cake with edible flowers for a showstopping celebration dessert. It's perfect for a wedding or birthday

Simple elegance wedding cake

To make a three-tier wedding cake, all you need to do is multiply basic cake mixtures and icings, and take your time.

Orange berry wedding cake

A stunning cake that will impress everyone at your wedding. With a little practice this deliciously moist cake can easily be perfect. Don't be shy

Wedding cake – light fruit cake

This makes the top tier of a three tier wedding cake, or make it alone for christenings, Christmas, or whenever you need a good, lighter, fruit cake

Wedding cake – zingy lemon

Tier two of our three tier wedding cake, this gives a real citrus hit and the drenching of lemon syrup keeps it beautifully moist

Wedding cake – rich dark chocolate cake

This recipe makes the bottom layer of our three tier wedding cake or a simple delicious chocolate cake, perfect with a touch of cream

Polka-dot strawberry cake

Feeling ambitious enough to take on this showstopping bake? With its decorative sponge and fruit topping, it has real wow factor

Easy vanilla cake

A moist cake drenched with vanilla syrup. Use as the basis for a range of fabulous celebration cakes

Creating your wedding cake

Jane Hornby's wedding cake is our simplest ever. And each tier is flavoured differently, so there's something for everyone.

Romantic rose cupcakes

These decorative cupcakes make the perfect centrepiece for a wedding or christening, or a lovely gift

Simple sugar roses

These pretty roses can be used on cakes and cupcakes to give a romantic and sophisticated finish

Easy apple fruit cake

This cake has all the flavours of Christmas, but won't take ages to make - you can decorate it any way you like. Ideal for a wedding cake too


For an alternative wedding cake, try croquembouche

Gingered rich fruit cake

This traditional cake has been jazzed up with lots of ginger - you'd never know it's gluten-free and dairy-free. Perfect for weddings and Christmas

Moreish mocha profiteroles

A classic profiterole recipe with an added kick for coffee lovers - pile up a batch as modern wedding cake!

Frances Quinn’s Summer’s day wedding cake

Frances creates her own version of the latest bridal trend - the 'naked' cake. She skips the traditional fondant icing for mascarpone seasonal berries.

Whiskey Smash

A Whiskey Smash is an absolute classic, and it's wildly refreshing for spring. With just mint, lemon, sugar, and whiskey, this recipe from The Wanderlust Kitchen comes together in seconds.

To make, you'll need the below ingredients:

  • 3 tablespoons mint leaves (about 7 or 8 leaves)
  • 1/2 a lemon, cut into four pieces
  • 1 tablespoon white sugar
  • 2 oz. whiskey
  • 1 cup crushed ice

Directions: Place the mint, lemon, and sugar in a cocktail shaker. Muddle together until the sugar has dissolved and the lemon has expressed its juices. Add the whiskey, cover, and shake for 30 seconds. Transfer mixture to an Old Fashioned glass. Top with crushed ice and garnish with a sprig of mint.

50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for the Happy Couple

A wedding is a wonderful occasion filled with love, food, music, and fun. If you’re going to a wedding and aren’t sure what to get the happy couple, you’re not alone. While cash is appreciated at these kind of events, a personalized present that the couple will enjoy for years to come can make an even bigger impact. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind wedding gift, here are 50 amazing ideas.

Doves are the symbol of love and peace. That’s what makes this arrangement, which features dove-shaped pineapples dipped in delicious white chocolate, a truly amazing gift that the happy couple is sure to enjoy.

This arrangement is chock-full of fresh fruit favorites, like pineapple daisies, strawberries, melon, and more. It’s big enough to share with the wedding party, but so tasty the happy couple might just to keep it to themselves enjoy after their nuptials.

Cost: $119.99

With classic and modern touches, this dinnerware set features stoneware with a subtle reactive glaze. It comes in three colors, charcoal, graphite gray, and ivory, to please any style or taste.

Cost: $116.00

The happy couple is sure to do lots of traveling together, especially for their upcoming honeymoon. That’s why this set of luggage, which includes an 18-inch carry-on, 23-inch suitcase, and a 27-inch expandable suitcase, is the perfect wedding gift.

Cost: $187.71

A KitchenAid stand-up mixer is a classic for a reason. There’s no other that can compare to its power, portability, range of mixing speeds, and variety of mixing heads, including a flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip for any type of mixing you need.

Cost: $199.00

Sunday morning waffles are relaxing and fun as a newly-married couple, but the cleanup is anything but. This waffle iron eliminates the mess with a wide moat that catches batter overflow and cooks it so you can easily remove it and get on with your day.

Cost: $129.95

Every married couple needs sophisticated and elegant new bedding as they begin their new lives together. This crisp white microfiber comforter is embellished with grey embroidering and pintucking that add a sleek, modern look.

Cost: $109.99

A newly married couple is on their own when it comes to making their meals. The Instant Pot makes that a whole lot easier, offering nine functions in one device and handling everything from pressure cooking, sautéing, slow cooking, yogurt making, and more.

Cost: $139.95

A meal delivery service is another way to get the married couple in your life off to a good start when it comes to making their own meals. Plated delivers recipes created by professional chefs and all the ingredients you’ll need to create them right to your doorstep.

Cost: $191.00

This espresso maker is perfect for the coffee lovers in your life. It easily allows you make any of your favorite coffee house drinks, from a single shot of espresso to a cappuccino or latte.

Cost: $199.99

Get a map of the stars the night of the couple’s wedding printed out on a gorgeous canvas. You can completely customize the text, color, and font for a truly one of a kind product.

Cost: $169.99

This tandem bike makes a perfect gift for the active couple in your life. The bright yellow is cheery, making it a fun and lively way to get some exercise with your sweetheart.

Cost: $279.00

This stylish set from Cuisinart features twelve cooking essentials in a sleek black and gold-tone design. Including a saucier, stockpot, skillet, and a variety of saucepans, this set is a great addition to any new kitchen.

Cost: $199.99

Freshly made pasta is miles above the stuff you can buy in a box at the store. This device makes perfect spaghetti, fettuccine, and penne from scratch in just a few minutes.

Cost: $149.95

Get the happy couple a pair of matching robes for their honeymoon and beyond. With a textured-weave Turkish cotton and a plush terry lining, this robe offers intense comfort for serious lounging.

Cost: $79.99 per robe

Essential oils make your home smell great, and they’re said to offer numerous health benefits. This beautiful electric aromatherapy diffuser uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn essential oils into mist, dispersing it into the air.

Perfect for a couple with a serious case of wanderlust, these luggage tags can be personalized with the couple’s names in gold, silver, or rose gold embossing. They come in a stylish gift box with your choice of ribbon.

This cheese board is handmade from real olive wood that has been polished with olive oil to reveal its beautiful color and grain pattern. It’s perfect for the couple who enjoy entertaining large parties.

With ultra-thick pages, this album is perfect for preserving the happy couple’s favorite memories. It even lays flat when opened for a gorgeous panoramic effect.

Cost: $139.00

Every married couple needs a collection of their favorite recipes. This recipe box is engraved with the couple’s first names along with a cute “recipe” for all the things that make a happy marriage.

This stainless steel multipot has a perforated insert with riveted handles that allows you to quickly drain pasta and other dishes. You can also personalize the pot with a monogram for the happy couple.

Cost: $149.95

For your favorite barbecuing couple, this carving board is handcrafted out of solid maple, making it durable and strong. It features a deep perimeter well that collects all the juices from your meats to keep your cooking surfaces clean.

Cost: $100.00

This two-speed turntable comes equipped with powerful speakers and comes in a suitcase style that makes it easily portable. It’s perfect for a music-loving couple that can’t get enough of their favorite tunes.

Cost: $157.49

This beautiful copper kettle is no ordinary teapot. Its spout includes a two-tone Hohner Harmonica whistle, so it doesn’t just whistle, it sings.

Cost: $155.98

Made of sanded, unfinished solid acacia wood, this tray makes a handy catch-all for the living room, bedroom, or front hall. You can even engrave it with any name or phrase up to 25 characters.

For the couple that loves to Netflix and chill, this faux fur throw provides all warmth and coziness they could ask for. It feels like real fur, yet it’s completely animal friendly.

This robot vacuum will help give the happy couple more time to do their favorite things without having to worry about cleaning their home. It features BoostIQ technology that increases suction for surfaces that need it, a sensor that evades obstacles, and drop-sensing technology so it doesn’t fall.

Cost: $189.99

This gorgeous sign is made from separate pieces of pine wood that have been fastened together, just like the brand new married couple has been joined together in matrimony. Their last name and wedding date acts as a reminder of the beginning of their new life together.

This gorgeous marble frame is worthy of only the couple’s very favorite wedding shot. Made with real marble, it’s encased in a silver plated frame and backed in luxurious velvet.

This ice cream maker lets you create your favorite treat, all without messy ice and salt. It’s fully automatic and can make a 1.5-quart batch of ice cream, yogurt, or sorbet in just 20 minutes.

This monogrammed doormat adds an welcoming statement to the happy couple’s home. Made of thickly woven coir, it’s durable enough for everyday use and will hold up when exposed to the elements.

Whether the happy couple in your life are avid campers or new to the great outdoors, this two-person tent can take them on their next great adventure. Made of super-tough ripstop nylon, it’s strong, will keep them dry, and it’s easy to assemble.

Cost: $144.00

This travel-ready carrying case includes three essential knives, a corkscrew, kitchen shears, and a knife sharpener. It ensures the couple in your life always has the most essential cutlery tools with them, whether they’re on a camping trip, vacation, or outside at their outdoor grill area.

Cost: $139.95

We all know soda is bad for you, but none of us can resist the fizzy goodness. This device lets the happy couple make their own fizzy drinks that are healthier and tastier than bottled drinks.

Help the happy couple in your life take home security into their own hands. The Nest camera features 24/7 live video that lets you look after your home, day and night, and connects with your smartphone to send you alerts if anything happens while you’re away.

Cost: $199.00

This digital photo frame turns all of the couple’s favorite photos to life in stunning 1024 x 600 clarity. With a light distressed wood frame, its stylish and modern design fits in with any décor.

The start of a couple’s new life together is a great time for an upgraded camera. This camera features a powerful 42x Optical Zoom and 24mm wide-angle lens, making it perfect to capture all of life’s most precious moments.

Cost: $229.99

Perfect for a newly married couple heading to a beach locale for their honeymoon, this towel is twice the size of a regular beach towel, making it perfect for two. It’s super absorbent, dries rapidly, and sand doesn’t even stick to it when wet.

You can wirelessly connect this pair speakers in different rooms to create a home sound system that brings everyone together or create an intense home-theater sound system. It features superior sound for something so tiny.

Cost: $298.00

A wedding is a great time for an upgrade from grungy old bath towels. These luxury bath towels are made of jacquard woven of Supima cotton, making them soft, plush, and surprisingly absorbent.

This round basket, handwoven from natural braided sea grass, is ideal for stowing pillows, blankets, dog toys, and other everyday essentials. It adds a casual and relaxed element of organization, making it perfect for any home.

Cost: $129.00

Perfect for an adventurous couple, this print features maps from three of the places the couple has visited (or plans to visit). Below the maps, it has the names of the couple and the words, “Adventuring together since [date]”.

Every couple needs a chip and dip platter for easy entertaining. This one features cast aluminum with a natural texture and an extraordinary shine. Pair it with the matching serving platter for even more impact.

This glass drink dispenser stands atop a stand of gorgeously grained mango wood. It’s a great way for the happy couple to serve and enjoy their favorite beverages, from fruit punch to tangy lemonade.

Made of out polished white marble, this stand makes an sophisticated and beautiful base for presenting appetizers or desserts. It instantly elevates any dinner party into an elegant affair.

Perfect for a pair of coffee drinkers, this set features two 100% authentic Yeti Rambler Tumblers, one in black and one in white. Simply pick the happy couple’s wedding date and you’ll give them a gift they’ll use for years to come.

Made with a super soft linen fabric, this decorative pillow is lined with felt so it isn’t rough or wrinkled, making it perfect for a couch, bed, or cozy chair. It comes in off white and white and can be personalized to include the couple’s name and wedding year.

This handmade, beautiful stoneware bowl is a keepsake your loved ones can pass down for generations. With the inscription, “Love is patient, love is kind,” it reminds the couple of their strong bond.

This canvas is handmade with UltraChrome Giclée inks and looks just like a beautiful, stunning piece of marble. It arrives ready to hang and will instantly elevate the style in the happy couple’s abode.

What can beat a romantic picnic for a pair of newlyweds? This convenient pack includes everything you need for a picnic party for two, including two melamine plates, two tumblers, four napkins, cutlery, and more.

Cost: $109.99

For your next wedding, skip the usual cash and get the happy couple a unique gift that’s as special as they are. They’re bound to appreciate and enjoy any one of these amazing wedding gift ideas.

Floral Wedding Cakes

Whether you choose fresh flowers for your wedding cake or intricate sugar flowers as decoration, the incorporation of flowers is one of the most timeless wedding cake design techniques. Furthermore, Tiffany MacIsaac encourages couples struggling to nail down a cake design direction to look to their floral design plans for cake inspiration. "The internet is an amazing place for design inspiration. We often ask a client to also send us their floral design invitation suite and any other highly designed items that are custom to their wedding. This not only gives us a sense of their style but also design elements to draw from so the cake compliments the rest of the room," MacIsaac advises.

Surrounded by dark green, waxy leaves, the exquisite gardenia exudes a strong, sultry scent. It was this intoxicating fragrance that captivated an English sea captain traveling through South Africa in 1754, prompting him to bring home one of the native plants as a souvenir. Gardenias are lovely tucked into a bouquet or floating in a low bowl as a centerpiece, and a single gardenia makes a wonderful scented corsage, boutonniere or hair accessory. But be gentle: the delicate ivory petals of this expensive flower can bruise easily. Large three- to four-inch blossoms, as well as a miniature variety, are available too.

Learn the basics of flowers before meeting with your florist.

Not sure where to begin with your wedding planning? Take our Style Quiz and we'll pull together a custom wedding vision and vendors to match, just for you. After that, create a free, personalized wedding website to keep your guests informed (and excited!) about your plans, and a time-saving Guest List Manager to organize your attendees. Even better? You can sync your Guest List Manager and wedding website to update everything at once.

Watch the video: Νυφικές Ανθοδέσμες Georgiou Collection 2011 (July 2022).


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