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12 Haunted Hotels That Are Home to Ghosts and Gastronomy

12 Haunted Hotels That Are Home to Ghosts and Gastronomy

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Enjoy spirited suppers and spot a friendly ghost or two at these 'haunted' hotels

Add ghost hunting to your fall travel itinerary by booking a stay at a haunted hotel. Far from the stuff of theme parks, each haunted hotel on our list has a storied past filled with ghost sightings sure to make your fall trip brag-worthy.

See 12 Haunted Hotels That Are Home to Ghosts and Gastronomy Slideshow

From sightings of the Lady in Red who roams The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver and giggling ghostly girls at Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, N.Y., to a former whaling captain who wanders the halls at the Jared Coffin House in Nantucket, Mass., these haunted hotels are full of ghost stories, and they also boast spirited suppers.

To increase your chances of seeing a ghost, The Daily Meal has included which rooms are favored by these amicable apparitions so you can have the best odds of slumbering with spirits.

Lauren Mack is the Travel Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @lmack.

12 Haunted Hotels You Can Visit Right Now

Whether you're looking for a ghost-themed vacation spot for the spooky month of October or you're an all-year fan of haunted places, why not visit a haunted hotel? Since most hotels go through a wide variety of guests over the years, it would make sense that there at least a few in-house deaths on the books. And those deaths could turn these places into some seriously creepy haunted hotels.

The next time you're in one of these towns, you might want to add a stay at a haunted hotel to your travel itinerary. Just don't forget your camera, voice recorder and video camera. After all, if you see an apparition and ghostly orbs or hear a disembodied voice, you'll want to take the proof home with you.

Read on for our list of 12 haunted hotels that you can visit right now. Whether you're visiting the US, Canada or the UK, you'll find somewhere spooky to stay.

Durango and Silverton Railroad and Strater Hotel Packages

Fall is an ideal time to take a trip on the Durango and Silverton Railroad. The temperatures are mild and the leaves are turning. If you are lucky you will hit the season just right to be able to enjoy the fluttering golden aspens. Traveling first class is the way to go. Opt for a glass-domed car with narration and beverage service. You won’t be sorry. A stay at the historic Strater Hotel is often part of a first-class package tour.

Durango and Silverton Railway car with amazing views and comfy leather seating. Photo by Elizabeth R Rose

The outside of this often-photographed hotel is highlighted by original white stone cornices and ornamental brickwork. Once inside, you will be transported back to the early days of Durango. The lobby and guestrooms are decorated with elegant Victorian antiques. The hotel has a rambling lobby and two bars, one of which, The Diamond Belle Saloon, offers ragtime music, costumed bartenders, and dance hall girls. Breakfast is served in an elegant dining room.

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Marshall House

Savannah, &ldquothe most paranormal city in America,&rdquo is a hub of haunted happenings. If you take a walk down Broughton Street, you&rsquoll come across the elegant and opulent Marshall House, built in 1851 by French cabinetmaker Gabriel Leaver. The four-story home served as a hospital for Union Army soldiers toward the end of the Civil War, as well as hosting patients through two epidemics of yellow fever. Many deaths, as you can imagine, fell upon the home. From 1899-1957, the home was operated on and off as a hotel.

Over 40 years later, in 1999, the property was finally restored to its former glory. Not without some unnatural sensations, however. Late at night, you may see children (of the wispy type) running down the hallway and ghosts in the foyer. Guests have also reported that some faucets will turn off and on by themselves. Spooky stuff.

12 Most Haunted Places in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs has plenty of haunted locations, but while some of them are the types of places you would certainly expect to see on a list of haunted places such as cemeteries and old hotels, there are also some more unusual spots like local shops and fast food outlets!

Let’s take a look at the 12 most haunted places in Colorado Springs, CO:

1. Ghouls Gulch Haunted House

3910 Palmer Park Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Ghouls Gulch Haunted House is one of the more unique places on our list because it is actually a staged haunted attraction! However, even though most of the scares here are purely theatrical, the property is genuinely haunted!

The attraction was once the Old Cowboys Night Club, which has had more than its fair share of strange happenings! There was once a spot on the dance floor called ‘dead mans curve’ because of the number of people who dropped dead there! From time to time, real life apparitions are spotted within the creepy attraction!

2. THE AVENUE HOTEL B&B, Manitou Springs

711 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Just west of Colorado Springs sits the historic Avenue Hotel B&B. Built in 1886 as a boarding house, this pleasant and unsuspecting inn is home to several spirits, the majority of whom are children, though there’s apparently a coachman that used to visit here during the gold rush era.

The owner has reported several strange happenings over the years, including disembodied laughter, phantom footsteps running down the hallway, inexplicable light anomalies, and lights being switched on and off by unseen hands. Paranormal investigators have conducted many investigations here and caught some really interesting evidence, including EVP’s and strange images on photographs.

3. The Antlers Hotel BOOK A ROOM

The Antlers Hotel boasts 3 different ghostly residents. One of the spirits is most often spotted hanging out in ‘Judge Baldwins’ bar. The second ghost is a lady in a long dress who is seen coming down the back stairs. Finally, the third ghost is a young girl who committed suicide on prom night in the 1970s. She is usually seen in one of the back rooms.

4. Evergreen Cemetery

1005 Hancock Expy, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Evergreen Cemetery was actually there before the town of Colorado Springs was formally founded back in 1871. There are records of people being buried in the cemetery from the 1860s, so you can probably imagine why this is one of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs.

The majority of the paranormal activity reported here seems to be centered on the small chapel built in the cemetery in 1910. It was intended to be used for funeral services and also for storing the caskets ahead of burial. Still, unfortunately, the building ended up falling into a state of disrepair after the demand for services in the chapel declined.

Soon it was only used as storage space for maintenance workers, many of whom have reported seeing dark figures in the basement area when they go down there to retrieve supplies.

Their stories have been backed up by an experience from a representative of the National Register of Historic Places who was given a chapel tour when the cemetery manager attempted to secure funding and listed status in 1992 to restore the building.

When the representative toured the building to evaluate it for designation as a historical place, she experienced a negative force passing through her entire body, prompting her to make a hasty exit!

5. Colorado School For the Deaf and Blind

33 N Institute St, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Colorado School For the Deaf and Blind was built in Colorado Springs in 1874. Some of the deaf students have reported seeing ghosts in various parts of the school, including the dorms and the gym. Those who can hear have also reported some bizarre noises coming from the basement, which is said to be the building’s scariest area.

Please note this school is in operation and does not allow trespassers.

6. Arby's

When you think about the most haunted places in your town, your first thought probably isn’t the local fast food joint, but believe it or not, one of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is the local branch Arby’s.

Sometime in the mid-nineties, the manager was shot in the parking lot by one of her employees. It is believed that she is the one who is responsible for some unexplained events in the restaurant.

People often comment on hearing unexplained whispering in the lobby, and things often seem to get moved around when nobody in there. On several occasions, staff members have put the chairs on the tables to clean the floors and then went to another area only to return and find the chairs taken back down.

Some people even claim to see the apparition of a woman in the kitchens. Staff more or less refuse to work by themselves, and we can’t say we blame them!


404 Manitou Ave, Manitou Springs, CO 80829

Just a short drive west of Colorado Springs lies Manitou Springs, another resort city, nestled under the gaze of Pikes Peak. And in it also lies one of the most haunted locations in Colorado, Briarhurst Manor.

Built in 1889 this historic inn was the home of Dr. Bell and his family who founded the city of Manitou Springs in 1872.

The master bedroom is the most active of all. You can expect to see small child footprints leading out of the room down to where the Bell’s children slept. Other guests have reported hearing strange noises and voices coming from the upper floors or basement, and visitors and staff members often claim the feeling of being touched or bumped into by an unseen force.

The Briarhurst Manor Estate now offers event space and A La Carte dining in a romantic setting. Be warned, if you’re sat in the restaurant you may just catch a glimpse of one of the Bell children playing outside or the white figure of a skeleton woman walking the grounds!

8. Gold Camp Road/Tunnels

Lower Gold Camp Road Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80906

Gold Camp Road and Tunnels is a location that is very popular with the local teenagers in Colorado Springs. Youngsters love to hang out there in summer, and many of them have experienced things that they cannot quite explain!

The tunnels were built in the 1800s, and it is said that some of the construction workers died during the building. Several unsubstantiated tales of a school bus that was apparently struck by a train, possibly even because the bus driver was suicidal.

Whatever the true story really is, the fact remains that the tunnels are a spooky place packed full of secrets. The second tunnel is a popular spot for people to put their car in park and turn off the lights to see if the vehicle is pushed.

Others describe seeing several apparitions of men in cloaks! The 3rd tunnel is not accessible, but many have peered into the gloomy tunnel and seen strange shadows and unexplained lights!

9. Coronado High School

Coronado High School first opened in the seventies, and at the time, the on site pool was also open to the public.

There is a story that says one of the lifeguards invited his girlfriend and her little sister to come down and go swimming after the pool had closed. The couple were making out in the coach’s office and were not watching the young girl, and she ended up drowning.

Sometimes in the early morning, the ghost of a little girl in a bathing suit is seen in the far corner of the pool, and sometimes swimmers say that something touches them under the water when nobody is near them.

10. Garden of the Gods

At one time, The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs was an Indian Burial Ground. These days it is said to be the site of a range of paranormal activity. Some of the most common reports include tourists feeling a presence in their car as they drive past.

There are also many reports of cars simply dying completely in the middle of the road and being found the next day empty with the doors all lying open. Some drivers have also reported that their brakes fail as they pass.

11. Cheyenne Canyon

Another of the most haunted places in Colorado Springs is Cheyenne Canon, which has a long history with local American Indian tribes. The ancient Native American lore tells of a God named Manitou who is said to have thrown the devil into the canyon facing the heavens.

To this day, a rock formation is known as ‘The Devil’s Horns’ can be seen marking the spot where the devil was thrown! However, it is not the devil who is said to haunt the area. In fact, the spirit haunting the area is said to belong to a cheating gambler who was thrown from the same spot!

There have been human remains dating to the 1800s discovered in the canyon, suggesting that it has become something of a dumping ground for undesirables! No wonder it is haunted!

12. Harrison High School Auditorium

It is believed that the ghost of a young man called Malcolm is haunting the auditorium. There have been lots of reports of phantom footsteps on the stage and the catwalk above.

Some people have also reported strange unexplained lights glowing on the catwalk.

On one occasion a young woman working on the catwalk slipped and would most likely have fallen to her death had it not been for the fact that someone grabbed her and pulled her to safety.

However, when she turned there was no sign of anyone. She does recall feeling a breath on her cheek almost as though someone had kissed her gently.

12 Haunted Places in Savannah That Will Scare You Silly

Looking for spooky places in Savannah, Georgia? Here are a few of the city’s most haunted hotels and restaurants (complete with map below). Eat, sleep, and be scared in America’s Most Haunted City!

17Hundred90 Inn

The 17Hundred90 Inn was originally three separate residences but is now one of the oldest inns in Savannah. According to local legend, a young woman named Anna committed suicide after leaping from a window in Room 204. Given its history and tragic reputation, it’s not surprising that ghosts reportedly roam the halls of the historic property. In fact, Savannah tour guides often refer to the 17Hundred90 Inn as “the most haunted hotel in the most haunted city in America.”

Employees tell of pots and pans rattling in an empty kitchen and mysterious crashes in vacant guest suites. One staff member heard a man’s voice in the courtyard and felt hands pressing against her back. However, most of the paranormal activity takes place in Anna’s old dwelling, Room 204. Guests have startled awake to the sound of shattering glass or the sight of a shadowy figure standing near the foot of the bed.

307 East President Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 236-7122

The Kehoe House

Irishman William Kehoe built The Kehoe House in 1892, and lived in the stately home with his wife and ten children. The house has also served as funeral home and private residence of quarterback Joe Namath (who was going to turn it into a nightclub), but today operates as a four-star bed and breakfast. Though many residents have come and gone, it’s William’s children who reportedly haunt the historic building.

Legend has it a pair of twins from the Kehoe family died after playing in a fireplace. Guests often hear children laughing and playing in the hall, though few kids stay at the high-end bed and breakfast. Rooms 201 and 203 are particularly active, with reports of a child appearing and disappearing and an unseen entity sitting on the bed. Other unnerving events include lights that turn on in empty rooms and a doorbell that rings when no one’s around.

123 Habersham Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 232-1020

The Marshall House

Built in 1851, The Marshall House is Savannah’s oldest hotel and perhaps one of the city’s most haunted establishments. The four-story building has served as a hospital for Civil War soldiers, as well as victims of yellow fever, and many believe ghosts roam the 168-year-old facility.

Eerie events at The Marshall House include faucets that turn on and off, lights that flicker without explanation, and disembodied voices that ring throughout the halls. Renovation efforts have also turned up bones buried beneath the floorboards, bones historians believe came from the amputated limbs of Confederate soldiers.

123 East Broughton Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 644-7896

The Eliza Thompson House

Built in 1847, Savannah’s Eliza Thompson House was home to cotton dealer Joseph Thompson, his wife Eliza, and the couple’s seven children. Joseph died in 1855, and Eliza managed the home until her death in 1875. The historic home is now an inn.

Ghost sightings at The Eliza Thompson house include a Confederate soldier in an upstairs window and a young woman in white who wanders the hallways. Room 132 is a hotspot for paranormal activity, with one guest reporting the sound of child’s gleeful laughter and an invisible presence at the foot of the bed. Sightings of a Confederate soldier’s torso are also common. Read about my stay in the Eliza Thompson House.

5 West Jones Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 236-3620

Olde Harbour Inn

The Olde Harbour Inn dates back to 1812, though the original building was destroyed in a fire 80 later. The owners rebuilt over the stone foundation, and the building served as an oil company and a blue jeans factory before sitting vacant over 20 years. It was re-opened as the Olde Harbour Inn in 1987.

Rumor has it a ghost named Hank reportedly haunts the historic inn. Guests report coins dropping from the ceiling, cigar smoke when no one’s around, and objects that disappear from one spot only to reappear in another.

508 East Factors Walk
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 234-4100

East Bay Inn

Built in 1852, the East Bay Inn building has served a number of purposes, including a space for cotton merchants, a steam bakery, foreign consul offices, and cotton and grocery warehouses. The building sat vacant from 1965 to 1983 and was re-opened as the East Bay inn in 1984.

Legend has it that a ghost named Charlie haunts the historic property. Guests and staff have seen a man in a dark suit and top hat who stares off into space before fading away. Some visitors have startled awake to the sound of heavy footsteps outside their room followed by a jigging of the doorknob. Flickering lights and disappearing objects are also common.

225 East Bay Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
(912) 238-1225

The Olde Pink House

Revolutionary war hero James Habersham Jr. originally owned the house at 23 Abercorn Street which is now a five-star restaurant known as The Olde Pink House. Habersham reportedly haunts the nearly 250-year-old building, along with a few mischievous spirits who tap bartenders with wine bottles and toss dice against the walls. Patrons and staff also see apparitions at the bar and hear a woman sobbing on the second floor.

Olde Pink House
23 Abercorn Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 232-4286

Moon River Brewing Company

Savannah’s Moon River Brewing Company has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in the city. Employees have witnessed bottles flying off shelves, silverware sliding off dining room tables, and shadowy figures roaming through the building. A hostile spirit who once pushed a foreman’s wife down a flight of stairs has thwarted all efforts to renovate the upper floors of the restaurant. Today, the brewery fittingly serves a custom-made beer known as Apparition Ale.

21 West Bay Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 447-0943

The Pirates’ House

The Pirates’ House has served guests since 1753, making it one of the oldest restaurants and taverns in Savannah. Seamen and pirates flocked to the establishment due to its proximity to the Savannah River, and legend has it more than few patrons passed out drunk in The Pirate’s House only to wake up on a ship headed to a distant port.

Eerie events at the historic restaurant include shadowy forms that appear in the corner of one’s eyes, laughter that erupts from empty rooms, and furniture that rearranges itself after closing. The heavy atmosphere of The Pirates’ House has also made a few guests and staff members sick.

20 East Broad Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-5757

17Hundred90 Restaurant

Though Anna in Room 204 gets most of the attention from guests and ghost hunters, the restaurant at the 17Hundred90 Inn reportedly has a spirit or two of its own. Legend has it a hostile apparition lurks around the kitchen and dining room, jangling her bracelets at female guests and shoving them from behind. One of Savannah’s most famous ghost pictures shows a woman reflected in the restaurant’s dining room mirror after the restaurant had closed and staff had gone home for the night.

307 East President Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 236-7122

Six Pence Pub

Located in Savannah’s historic district, the Six Pence Pub reportedly harbors a number of spirits. The kitchen staff talks of pots and pans that jump off counters and fly from shelves, while a former manager saw the chair in her office spin around and roll across the floor. The pub has also had problems with a plummeting thermostat and light bulbs that pop out of their sockets.

245 Bull Street
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 233-3151

The Rail Pub

The Rail Pub opened its doors in 1890 and has served as brothel and boarding house as well as a pub. The establishment got its name from the day laborers who used to wait for work on the nearby railroad. A paranormal investigation team explored the property in 2010, and noticed flickering lights, the strong smell of perfume, and high EMF readings.

The Most Haunted Restaurants In The U.S.

Get into the Halloween spirit with a reservation at one of these spooky spots.

If you believe in ghosts and spirits, then it's probably not shocking to you that there are a lot of haunted restaurants throughout the United States. Most are really old buildings with a lot of creepy history, but others have actually been the site of strange disappearances and suspicious activities&mdashsome even have spooky ghost stories attached to them.

You can visit these haunted restaurants all year long, of course, but they become extra special in the days leading up to Halloween, when you're in the mood for a bit of a scare. Plus, at the same time, you get to eat some really good food. It doesn't get much better!

Muriel's is one of the most famously haunted restaurants in the country, located in just as famously haunted New Orleans. The restaurant was founded back in 1718 and has a lot of history. There's one table there that is left unavailable, but every night it gets set with tableware, bread, and wine. It's for the previous owner of Muriel's, Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan, a ghost with a standing reservation (spooky!). He died on the second floor of the place back in 1814 after losing a poker game, and according to Muriel's, there have been a lot of paranormal sightings at the restaurant since.

Scarlett O'Hara's is listed in the National Directory of Haunted Places. Supposedly, it's haunted by the man who built the house (now restaurant) back in 1879. As the story goes, George Colee drowned in a bathtub there after his fiancée left him for another man. The second floor, where he passed away, is home to the "Ghost Bar," which he is said to haunt.

Another famously haunted spot is Poogan's Porch in Charleston&mdasha South Carolina city full of ghosts and spirits. Legend has it that the original Victorian home was built in 1888, and the owner had a dog named Poogan. When they moved out, they left Poogan behind, and he is rumored to still run around the restaurant as a canine ghost to this day. But there are other creepy ghosts too, like Zoe St. Armand, who owned the house in the early 1900s and went crazy after her sister died. She fell down the stairs in the home and has haunted the place ever since, searching for her sister's soul.

It's not surprising that White Horse Tavern is haunted: It's the oldest tavern in America! The story is that two men showed up at the tavern in the 1720s looking for a room. The next day, one was found dead by the fireplace and the other one was gone. Now, people say there is a resident ghost by the fireplace.

The Lemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn offers ghost tours to play up their spooky history. The old Victorian mansion has been a popular destination for paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. There has been talk of weird voices and figures, and there really is no known explanation for who or what is haunting the place. Even though the Lemp Manison has left diners feeling kind of creeped out, it's still a really popular spot in St. Louis.

Another famously haunted spot in New Orleans is Brennan's Restaurant. It's haunted by the ghost of chef Paul Blangé, who died in 1977, but stuck around in the kitchen. He was actually buried with the restaurant's menu and a knife and fork across his chest, so it's not shocking that he never wanted to leave! There's also a ghost in the wine cellar of a sommelier named Herman Funk who regularly clinks bottles.

Succotash is a popular brunch spot right now, but it was once a saloon called Dutch Hill Bar and Grill dating back 100 years. An old regular still haunts the bar, and leaves the smell of cigars lingering. His name was Radar, and he had always sat at the bar with a cocktail and cigarillo in hand.

Stone's Public House has a pretty grisly history. The place is named after John Stone, the original owner. According to the stories, Stone supposedly killed a boarder who won a big card game there in 1845, then buried him in the basement. He made a few witnesses help him and swore them to secrecy. Now all of them haunt the bar, making a little bit of a mess and some noise from time to time.

As beautiful as Beardslee Castle is, it does kind of look haunted, right? Located in Mohawk Valley, it's been featured on the TV show Ghost Hunters because of all of the weird things that go on there. Ghost hunters have said that they have spotted spirits there. There are a few spooky stories associated with the place, but one is about Native Americans who were killed on the property back in the 1700s. Another is about the former owner who passed away there and never really left.

Savannah is known for being full of history and spirits, and Moon River Brewing Company is one of the most haunted spots in the city. Today, it's a bar and restaurant, but back in 1821 it was a hotel and then a hospital for victims of the Civil War. There are lots of scary stories about bad energy there, and many guests have said that they've seen a woman in period clothing on the staircase. Moon River is now a regular spot for ghost tours.

The Whitney was built in 1893 as a private home, and wasn't made into a restaurant until 1987. It's a huge mansion, and it has a lot of history: there's even a spot upstairs called The Ghostbar, where you can get cocktails like "The Witching Hour." Guests and employees have said that the elevator moves on its own, there's a crying woman in one of the ladies bathrooms, and apparitions have been spotted in photos.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea is a notable haunted restaurant because it's said to be haunted by the ghost of Aaron Burr, the man who murdered Alexander Hamilton. Apparently, the restaurant used to be his carriage house, and many believe he is his spirit still resides there, along with his daughter, Theodosia. They are said to creep around, knocking things over and freaking out guests.

Photo Credit: Facebook/One If By Land, Two If By Sea

Founded in 1974, Old Town Pizza and Brewing truly is old&mdashit's in the lobby of the Merchant Hotel, which is one of the longest-standing buildings in Portland. It's haunted by a ghost named Nina who has been there for over a century and is usually wearing a black dress, hanging out in the basement, or even standing near guests as they eat. Supposedly, Nina was killed and left in the elevator shaft on the premises. The place even serves a Ghost Pie!

The Twisted Vine is a building that has been around since the late 1800s. It was once the Birmingham National Bank, and was made into a restaurant in the late 1970s. Employees and guests have seen some pretty weird paranormal activity, like lights flashing on and off and furniture moving on its own. They even have a weekly paranormal tour, so they're embracing the spiritual vibes.

11 Most Haunted Hotels in Georgia

If you are in search of paranormal activity then, few places will satisfy your curiosity more so than Georgia! No other state has as many Historic cities known for their haunted locations. Places like Atlanta, Macon and Savannah are among the oldest cities in America, so it is only naturally that they have plenty of ghostly tales to tell!

Join us as we look a little bit closer at some of the haunted hotels in Georgia.

1. The Marshall House, Savannah Book a Room

The Marshall House in Savannah, Georgia

The Marshall House is probably one of the most well known haunted hotels in Georgia. The property first opened in 1851, but was repurposed as a hospital on three separate occasions – twice during the yellow fever epidemics in the 19th century and once in the Civil War. It was shuttered for many years before being reopened as a hotel and ever since, guests have been reporting seeing ghostly children running around, faucets turning on by themselves and apparitions in the hallways!

2. Foley House Inn, Savannah Book a Room

The Foley House Inn was built in 1896 by its namesake, Honoria Foley and was the very first bed & breakfast in Savannah. It was actually built where another home which was destroyed in the Great Savannah Fire in 1889 once stood, giving it reason enough to be haunted. That is before we even get to the creepiest part of the story! When the house was renovated in 1987, the bones of a former resident were found on the property. Ever since the remains were disturbed guests report seeing a man in a top hat walking around on the roof, unexplained noises and strange rushes of cold air passing them!

3. The Partridge Inn, Augusta Book a Room

The Partridge Inn was originally built in 1836 as a private residence. However, these days it is known affectionately by locals as ‘The Grand Hotel of the Classic South’. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Emily. It is said that Emily died of a broken heart after her fiance was killed and she appears to guests still dressed in her 1800s style bridal gown.

4. Kehoe House, Savannah Book a Room

Over the years, Kehoe House has garnered a reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in Georgia. The most common reports involve people hearing the disembodied voices of children calling out for their mother. There are also reports of items moving around by themselves and doors being locked from the inside, when there is nobody inside the room at the time!

5. 1842 Inn, Macon Stay the Night

Macon’s 1842 Inn was built in 1842 by John Gresham, the mayor of Macon and also an attorney, judge and cotton merchant. He lived in the house up until his 1900 death. The property is now a hotel and guest have reported seeing an apparition that resembles Mr Gresham around the hotel. Guests have als reported seeing other spirits including a tall blonde woman and a little girl.

6. Eliza Thompson House, Savannah Spend the Night

The Eliza THompson House was built back in 1847 for Joseph Thompson, his wife Eliza and their seven children. Eight years after its completion, Joseph passed away, but Eliza and her children remained in the home until the 1920s. It now serves as accommodation and guests believe that the Thompson children are still haunting the home. There are often reports of disembodied laughter, bed sheets being playfully tugged and sightings of a little ghost girl in a pretty white dress wandering the corridor.

7. York House Inn, Rabun Gap Check Availability

York House Inn is said to be one of the oldest operating in Georgia having been in business since 1896. Various hotel employees claim to have seen the ghost of a Civil War era soldier in one of the rooms, accompanied by the smell of cigar smoke. There have also been reports of several ghostly children at play, a young girl named Sarah and an older woman.

8. Olde Harbour Inn, Savannah Book a Room

Savannah’s Olde Harbour Inn is said to be haunted by a male spirit named Hank. He is described as being a mischievous ghost known from dropping coins on the ground and moving things around. It is also common for guests to report smelling cigar smoke despite nobody in the property smoking. It is believed that Hank may have previously worked in the hotel and perhaps passed away in one of the fires that have occurred there.

9. Riverview Hotel, St Mary’s Spend the Night

The Riverview Hotel is a popular place for celebrities to visit and it has welcomed many well known guests over the years. It is also known to be one of the most haunted hotels in Georgia. Room 8 is said to be haunted by a male spirit who likes to mess around with the lights. In fact, on one occasion the hotel suffered a power outage, but the lights in room 8 stayed on!

10. 17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant, Savannah Check Availability

17 Hundred 90 Inn & Restaurant was originally built in 1820 and it is thought to be the oldest hotel in Savannah. It is allegedly haunted by the ghost of a young woman named Anne Powell. It is said that Anne fell to her death from the window of room number 204. Those who spend the night in Room 204 have reported seeing Anne’s spirit leaning over them while they are in bed, sometimes stroking their cheek maternally.

11. Jekyll Island Club Hotel, Jekyll Island Book a Room

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel is haunted by one former guest – president of the Southern Railroad Company, Samuel Spencer. For years, Spencer would insist on starting his morning with the Wall Street Journal being delivered to his room and he would drink his morning coffee while reading the paper. Sadly, Spencer died in a train accident in 1906. However, that certainly does not mean he has given up on his daily ritual!

Guests who stay in Spencer’s room often complain of their newspaper being disturbed, moved or even folded when they are not around and it is also common for them to find coffee poured or drunk when left unattended! Old habits certainly do seem to die hard!

Langham Hotel – London

Thought to me the most haunted hotel in London, the Langham Hotel is also home to Room 333, otherwise known as the most haunted room in London. There have been several sightings of various ghosts in the building over the years. Some of the more notable ones are a German nobleman who threw himself out of a window, a doctor who murdered his wife and killed himself, a man with a gash on his face, a butler with torn socks and another ghost who likes to shake beds. These guests have an affinity towards the aforementioned Room 333, but they have supposedly been spotted all over the hotel.

Haunted places in Texas

Can I visit any abandoned places in Texas?

From ghost towns to fallen hotels, Texas has plenty of abandoned places that would give anyone the creeps. Most of these abandoned buildings are off-limits to the public, but you can visit them and see them from the street. If you find yourself in Wichita Falls, pass by the Old Asylum, also known as Dr. White’s Sanitorium. In Sherman, you can see the old Woodmen Circle Home, which served as a home to hundreds of women and children between 1930 and 1971. Established in 1874, Zedler Mill in Luling is one of the few abandoned buildings you can tour, as it has since been converted into a museum and park.

Are there any urban legends in Texas?

Just like any other state, Texas has its fair share of urban legends that will keep you up at night. In San Antonio, there’s a railroad crossing at Villamain and Shane and as the story goes, a school’s full of children stalled on the tracks in the 1940s, killing everyone inside when a train slammed into it. It’s said that if you go to the tracks and stop your vehicle in the same spot the bus did, your car will mysteriously begin rolling to safety, and many believe its the spirits of the children who died all those years ago.

What are the most popular ghost stories in Texas?

From haunted bars to abandoned buildings, Texas is chock full of spooky ghost stories. One of the most popular ghost stories in Texas that often gets passed around is that of the campers from Camp Lulu Sams. Located near Brownsville, the camp was closed down after one of the counselors went insane and murdered several of the campers. Legend has it that in the evenings, you can hear the screams of the children.

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