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Sarmale with goose meat

Sarmale with goose meat

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Chop the onion. Then mix in a bowl the meat, rice, onion, broth, pepper and paprika. Mix until the composition is homogeneous.

Cut the cabbage and form the cabbage rolls.

In a saucepan place on the bottom a row of chopped cabbage, broth and pepper and a row of sarmale. Cover with water and bring to a boil over medium heat.

Good appetite!!

Three sarmale recipes. With mixture, poultry and rice

Sarmales with sour cabbage are not missing from the Romanians' Christmas table. You can fill them with beef or pork, chicken or just rice, according to your preferences. Choose from the three sarmale recipes, your favorite ones.

With a mixture of pork and beef

Ingredient: a large sour cabbage, 800 g minced meat (mixture), 200 g ribs or smoked bacon, a smoked stalk, 3 onions, 100 ml oil, 180 g rice, two tablespoons thyme, salt, pepper, a tablespoon chopped parsley, 250 ml tomato paste

Preparation: the cabbage is prepared. Cut the stalks and if it is too salty, wash it. Peel an onion, finely chop and sauté in oil. When it has become crystalline, add the minced meat and the smoked muscle cut into small pieces. Mix well and when the meat has changed color, add rice, parsley, salt, pepper and thyme. Mix and add 200 ml of tomato paste. Leave to cool. Take each leaf, put it with a teaspoon of the prepared filling, but not too much for the rice to swell when boiled. Roll all the stuffing until the meat is done. The remaining cabbage is cut into strips or pieces and divided into two. Half is placed on the bottom of the pot in which the sarmales will be boiled, so that they do not stick to the bottom of it, and the other half over the sarmales, so that they do not float when cooked. Choose a fairly large pot, which is filled 3/4 full of sarmale. After placing the cabbage on the bottom of the pot, place the sarmales one by one, starting from the outside, towards the center of the pot. Place the smoked ciolan in the middle of the first row and start with the second row, also covering the middle ciolan with sarmale from the outside to the inside. After all the stuffing is added, add a layer of chopped cabbage. In a bowl, mix 50 ml of tomato paste with water and a pinch of salt and pour over the sarmale. If necessary, add more water. Boil on very low heat for about 40-50 minutes. Check to see if they are ready. Serve with bread or polenta.

Ingredient: 700 g minced chicken, 1.8 kg white sauerkraut, an onion, 50 g tomato paste, a teaspoon paprika, 75 g rice, thyme, salt and pepper to taste, 150 g canned tomatoes parsley

Preparation: the onion is cleaned, washed and finely chopped. Remove the cabbage stalks, choose cabbage rolls and cut the rest finely. Tomato paste is diluted in 50 ml of water. The rice is washed, half boiled in salted water. Saute the onion in oil with 50 ml of water, cool, mix with the meat. Then add the rice, salt and pepper. The resulting composition is wrapped in cabbage leaves. The sarmales thus prepared are placed next to each other in a saucepan, over a layer of chopped cabbage, so that the middle remains empty. Then top with finely chopped cabbage so that the sarmales are covered. Sprinkle thyme on top, add tomato paste, paprika and the necessary boiled water. Cover the dish and place in the oven over medium heat. After 20-30 minutes, add the tomatoes and continue cooking. When ready, serve with parsley.

With rice and nuts

Ingredient: a sauerkraut, 200 g rice, 100 g walnuts, an onion, spices and myodenas to taste (pepper, paprika, paprika, oregano, thyme, basil, nutmeg, bay leaves), salt, oil, broth, sugar

Preparation: cabbage leaves are prepared as for ordinary cabbage rolls. The walnuts are cleaned and put in the oven until browned. Then grind, but not very finely. Heat the oil in a saucepan and add the finely chopped onion and washed rice. When the onion turns golden, add the spices and salt. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Then add the walnuts to the composition and mix well. Take the mixture with a spoon and place it on the cabbage leaf, rolling it carefully, because the composition is not as bound as with the usual sarmales. Pour oil on the bottom of the pot in which the sarmales will boil and arrange a layer of chopped sauerkraut, then the sarmales. Place another layer of chopped cabbage on top of the sarmales. Add water until everything is covered and leave the pot on the stove, on the right heat, until the cabbage is soft and the rice rises.

Try any of the three sarmale recipes and you will enjoy a tasty and filling dish.

Goose recipes

The best goose recipes you will find Qbebe. Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or not, these easy to understand recipes will help you make the best dishes with goose meat, without hassle!

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    For the holidays, the meal must be rich, colorful and tasty, and the whole family must enjoy the dishes lined up on it.

    Goose pate is much more delicious if we make it at home, with natural ingredients, vegetables and less fat. Goose meat is.

    Goose soup with noodles has a very rich taste and is a dish full of vitamins and proteins for the whole family.

    Goose steak with brandy sauce only by name leaves us speechless. It is a very suitable recipe for a festive dinner.

    The gang can be a great option for a child's menu. If the little one refuses to eat meat, the goose is an indicated option because.

    Stuffed minced meat and rice for sarmale

    The typical spices we use for sarmale are salt, pepper, dried thyme and a little paprika (paprika). Besides sarmale, we also put in the pot the fatter pieces of pork (breast or ribs).

    We like raw meat but you can also use smoked meats.

    In a saucepan I put 1/2 of chopped onion and a tablespoon of oil and I cooked it over medium heat (with a little salt) until it became translucent, without browning. I added the rice in the pan (washed in some water) and I hardened it for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly so that it doesn't stick. I put out the fire and let the pan cool.

    I placed the minced pork in a large bowl and seasoned it with salt, ground black pepper, paprika and dried thyme. I added the hardened rice with onions and I kneaded the composition well. I mean, my mother shook her hand and I posed. The paper gives it color and taste.

    Ingredients for Moldovan pork sausages, recipe without fries

    • 500 g minced pork
    • 60 g round grain rice
    • 1 or
    • 1 carrot
    • 4 onions
    • 150 ml of tomato juice
    • 3 teaspoons dried thyme
    • salt to taste
    • 1 tablespoon broth
    • sauerkraut leaves (about 45)
    • 1 small green cabbage
    • optional smoking

    How to prepare Moldovan pork sausages, recipe without fries?

    Sarmale stuffing

    How to boil Moldovan pork sausages

    The average jury score for this recipe is 10.

    Recipes with Gina Bradea & raquo Recipes & raquo Moldovan pork sausages, recipe without fries

    Supreme test: sarmale

    For a long time I was convinced that the sarmale recipe will be the one I will open this blog with. They're so obsessed with stuffed cabbage. Good stuff, that would be a problem. You don't really find such a thing in Bucharest. I was very close, at one point, to make a T-shirt with sarmale and I really wanted to buy my domain, but without success.

    Sarmales are a fundamental part of my culinary education and I have an almost religious respect for them. I ate sarmale dump trucks as a child, in a multitude of variants, so many that I ended up developing quite high sensitivities to all types of sarmale. Unfortunately, the offer of urban restaurants is quite pale compared to what the idea of ​​real, tasty sarmale means. Those sarmale that made this recipe famous all over the world.

    There are some very important details, in which I believe a lot and from which the deviation is, in general, very small. And let's face it, we're talking about the sarmales I make, I don't claim to have the formula for the perfect sarmales. No one can claim that, by the way, believe me.

    • the quality of the cabbage is essential. pickled cabbage, necessarily pickled, makes half the final result. it is important that it is not very salty, which means soaking it in warm water for about an hour, and that it tastes good. to eat fresh out of the barrel, to like and want more. I recently took a cabbage from a store, in addition to the fact that it cost me 16 lei a piece, it tasted slightly canned tuna rotten, but seasoned with vinegar. do not imagine that this will not affect the quality of the sarmales, even kept for a while in water.
    • I believe more in pork. usually the ratio is 50 to 50. pork with beef. for me the ratio is much higher towards pork and I would have no problem if I used only pork.
    • the bacon must be smoked. don't mess with kaizer taken from the store or other such nonsense. don't make fun of sarmale. grab them only after you get some real shaped bacon, kept in the smokehouse behind the yard.
    • the pot is also an important part here. I use a cast iron one, healthy, I would kiss your forehead if you listened to me and invested in something like this, in this life, sometime, but as soon as possible.
    • the sarmale pot can be kept on the fire or in the oven. I combine both options, one hour on low heat, then at least two hours in the oven.
    • there are no sarmale without dill. I know, I know very well that there is a large percentage of unfortunates who do not accept dill in their lives. maybe, however, it's time to make peace with this sometimes so unwanted plant. Dill, after so many hours of cooking, will not stand out in the final taste, but, believe me, it will enrich it. That's why I say, maybe you should give it a try, though.
    • put wine to boil. not just wine, but not just water.
    • the more you reheat them, the tastier they will become. that's the magic of stuffed cabbage, god help us and let's get to work.


    • one kg of minced pork
    • 300 gr minced beef
    • two finely chopped onions
    • a few slices of well-smoked bacon
    • half a cup of rice, an amount that can be raised to a full cup, I don't see the point, I prefer less rice. which must be washed well in a few waters
    • 3 tablespoons broth
    • 50-100 grams of duck lard, you can find it in stores, look for it, otherwise, if it's not lard, it goes with some oil, but I insist it should be that duck lard
    • chopped dill
    • a few sprigs of fresh thyme
    • freshly ground pepper
    • white wine, dry, about 300 ml, and the rest water, for boiling
    • salt
    • two pickled cabbages, large, size XXL

    Fry the onion in a little lard, just enough to turn yellow. Add the rice & don't forget to wash it - lightly fry it and quench it with a little water. Some put a tablespoon of broth next to the fried rice in the pan. I skip this stage, mix the broth with water, a little sugar and pour over the sarmale at the end, when the pot is full. Yes, it's still there.

    It mixes with the meat, don't be afraid to use your hand, it's more efficient that way. Put the chopped dill, salt, pepper, a little green thyme and a cup of water. Or come, rather. I put cider. And it was good. Mix all this again.

    And here comes another little secret. Which I really care about. From those slices of smoked bacon, which you put among the sarmale, take two or three of them and chop them as small as possible. Mix with the meat. It's not a recipe for dieters, but these are the details that make the difference.

    Let the meat rest and take care of the cabbage. By the way, you also drink a little brandy in the meantime, what the hell !, we are human. Remove the spine, then unfold the leaves, one by one and cut the large ribs. How to pack, here I think a beginner would do best with a video. It's more efficient that way. I don't have it, and from everything I've found, I recommend filming here. There are several techniques for packing sarmales, this is the simplest, from what I found. And very good.

    Now comes the coolest part, climbing the furniture into the pot. The first layer, on the bottom of the pot, is finely chopped cabbage, fidelity. The slices of bacon follow, these will sit here like a bed for sarmale. Layers in layers. Probably 2-3, depending on the pot. Place the thyme sprigs and duck lard between them, and top with another layer of finely chopped cabbage. Thick enough that the sarmales are almost invisible. Pour the wine and water mixed with the broth and, say, a teaspoon of sugar, but be careful that the liquid level does not exceed the level of the sarmales.

    Cover with a lid, put the pot on the fire, and when it starts to boil, the fire becomes small, as small as possible. After an hour, throw the pot in the oven at 150 degrees. After another two hours, it would be good to check the amount of liquid in the pot, but also the first wire. You will then know for yourself whether they should be left or not.

    Transylvanian cabbage rolls

    1. Mix all the minced meat, then add the rice and onion hardened in oil, tomato juice, diced ham, salt and pepper. Because sauerkraut is salty, you don't have to add too much salt.

    2. Wash the sauerkraut several times in cold water and allow to drain. Then take two sheets of cabbage and fill them with the meat composition, so as to obtain large cabbage rolls, which are served one at a time. Place in a bowl with a thicker bottom, over a layer of chopped cabbage. Sprinkle with chopped dill, a few sprigs of thyme and peppercorns, then pour cabbage juice folded in hot water to cover the sarmales.

    3. Put on medium heat, and after the first boils reduce the heat to low and simmer for about two hours. They can also be put in the oven for half an hour. Serve hot with hot peppers or paprika.

    Easter steak salad

    Also, if you had roast chicken at the Easter table and you have a part of it left, you can use it for salads. All you have to do is, as in the case of lamb steak, drain the meat of oil and sauce (you can do this with kitchen towels), cut it into strips, or cubes and integrate it into salads.

    neither the remaining semi-preparations from Easter do not throw. Gather them all, cut them into cubes, sprinkle salt and pepper on it and put them over the pizza dough, add tomato sauce and put everything in the oven. A delicious homemade pizza will come out!

    Sarmale with goose meat, cooked in wine

    Sarmale with goose meat, cooked in wine sounds very good. They are the delicacy of the forgotten times from the courts of the Moldavian boyars. Pastorel Teodoreanu reports with great mastery about the technique of boiling sarmales in wine and that made me very curious.

    Whether with pork, beef or goose, sarmalele are indispensable on the Romanian table regardless of the holiday. If something good wine is added, then the recipe is perfect.

    I remember with great fondness the cards of geese and ducks that proudly passed through the streets, in my childhood.

    Sarmales with goose meat seem detached from the stories and I'm very glad I tried them. This is due to those from Selgros Romania because this year's theme is the old recipes that we need to bring to light.

    It takes a little effort, but it's well worth it.


    • 1 goose breast
    • 1 sauerkraut
    • 150g rice
    • 3 tablespoons goose fat
    • 2 onions
    • 200ml semi-dry white wine (I used Chardonnay)
    • 1 bay leaf
    • 2 thyme twigs
    • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
    • salt
    • pepper

    Method of preparation:

    Prepare the clay pot. It is filled with cold water and left for 30 minutes.

    The cabbage is washed, the leaves are unwrapped and kept in cold water for 1-2 hours.

    The goose breast is sliced ​​so that the meat is used to fill the sarmales, the skin will be put in the pot to boil the sarmales and the remaining bone can be used to make a good soup.

    Chop the meat, as well as the onion. Saute the onion lightly in goose fat, then add the rice, meat, salt, pepper and a little thyme. The spices are put according to everyone's taste.

    Drain the sauerkraut leaves and cut into smaller pieces to fold the stuffed cabbage. I usually make them a little bigger, now I have tried to respect the Moldovan style, that is, small sarmalute.

    On the bottom of the clay pot is placed chopped sauerkraut and a piece of leather from the goose breast. The cabbage rolls are folded and arranged in a circle. Don't forget to strain a bay leaf. After all the sarmales with goose meat have been placed, place the other piece of skin, a few cabbage leaves and a sprig of thyme. Pour water approx. 2/3 of the pot, put the lid on and bake for about two hours. The temperature will be at first 200 degrees (about 15 minutes), enough to rise, then at 170-180 degrees Celsius.

    It is important that the sarmales with goose meat are cooked slowly. Along the way add more hot water if needed.
    After two hours, dissolve the tomato paste in the white wine and add over the sarmales. The pot stays in the oven for another hour, so that the sarmales are soft. In the original recipe, the wine is put the next day over the cold sarmales and then they pass once more through the heat of the oven. I hastened things a little and I tell you that they turned out wonderful.

    In short, these sarmale with goose meat and cooked in wine are special and delicious. They are soft and have a unique taste that is hard for me to describe. I hope the pictures are suggestive enough.

    When serving, there should be no shortage of sour cream, hot peppers, polenta and a glass of good wine.

    Method of preparation

    The goose is seasoned on the inside with salt and pepper, especially in abundance.

    Gortocala, apples and onions are cut into large pieces and the gang is filled with them. Then the gang is closed with a toothpick or in the way shown by the cami. I also closed with toothpicks.

    From carrot, parsnip, celery and onion, make a bed on a tray greased with oil. Place the goose, put a glass of red wine, to black and put it in the oven heated to 250 *. oven temperature at 180-200.

    Every 20 minutes, sprinkle the goose with the juice formed in the tray

    It takes 2 1/2 hours to bake. 5 minutes before it is ready, I greased it all over with sweet soy sauce, ketcap manis and put it in the oven. You can also grease it with a brine (water with salt to taste) and honey, to make the skin crispier.

    After the time has passed, put the goose aside, warm, drain some of the fat, and put the vegetables in the blender, add 50 ml of wine and bring to a boil the mixture (to eliminate the aroma of alcohol), which becomes an absolutely extraordinary sauce!

    Video: Χήνες στην φάρμα Τζουραμάνη (May 2022).